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  • 14092019:30 CSTTHE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing (Day 1)
  • 14092119:30 CSTTHE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing (Day 2)
  • 14091719:00 KSTIncheon Korean Music Wave (EXO-K)
  • 14100417:00 JSTSMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 1)
(TRANS) 140522 Eleven Members To Take The Stage
On May 22nd, SM released an official announcement stating that only eleven members will take the stage for EXO’s first concert (May 23-25). “EXO will perform with just eleven members. Due to the legal state in which Kris stands, communication with the aforementioned has been ceased. As to whether or not Kris wanted to participate, it can be safely assumed that his answer would have been no.”
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