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  • 14092019:30 CSTTHE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing (Day 1)
  • 14092119:30 CSTTHE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing (Day 2)
  • 14100417:00 JSTSMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 1)
  • 14100516:00 JSTSMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 2)
(TRANS) 140517 Tao’s Weibo Update

Listening to our music, I’m thinking about what EXO used to be like. All of that is in the past now, it has become a beautiful memory. We won’t give up because one person left us, actually we will work harder and become stronger than before. I feel really grateful in this moment. That’s why I want to work twice as hard to practice. I believe nothing can bring us down. So everyone, be strong, don’t cry… promise me! Let’s say it together — EXO let’s love.

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