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  • 14101817:00 CSTSMTOWN Live Tour IV in Shanghai
  • 14101919:00 KSTK-Pop World Festival 2014 in Changwon (EXO-K)
  • 141025XXXX CST2014 MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing
  • 141030 XXXX CDTMusic Bank World Tour in Mexico (EXO-K)
  • 141102XXXX KST2014 Asia Song Festival (EXO-K)
(TRANS) 140515 Tao’s Weibo Update

The road ahead is very long, one can take any direction one wishes, nobody can make a decision for anyone else. The truth will always be hidden from the public, and perhaps the public will be biased towards the minority, but that isn’t the truth. The truth will only ever be known by those who have experienced these things. such as the 11 of us EXO members, and SM Entertainment and the staff. But on the outside the good and the bad have been reversed. You will not understand feeling of being betrayed, and after that everyone is standing on the side of the betrayer, you can have your own opinions and positions, but I still want to say, it is clear what is right and wrong, we can question ourselves without shame. One wants to go, he cannot be stopped, he tries various ways to escape and therefore has successfully escaped. Without our knowledge he’s hidden from us and the company and have not come back. Ambition will accompany many people, but I hope all of us will put it to good use. After practicing till our heads are covered in sweat, and suddenly hearing that one will not return, and we have to perform all over again with just 11, it’s very tiring. EXO사랑하자~

I am EXO’s member Tao Huang Zi Tao and the Instagram/Weibo posts have been posted by me. Nothing needs to be hidden. It’s only a matter of time where things cannot be kept secret/will be exposed, what is right will always be right and what is wrong will always be wrong, some will tweak the truth, some will believe these twisted truths. Clever people will not bend the truth or believe in lies.

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